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A Life Built On Falsehood

April 17, 2014

It is common to find a lot of people in the world today living on falsehood. Some even have fake lives in the sense that they think survival is achievable only by being a fake.
A lot of people have lost their true identity and they can’t tell really tell who they are, some live their lives based on who people tell them they are, and they have never really taken their time to discover who truly they are and what purpose were they made for.
Anyway in this piece, I want to focus on lives built on falsehood, lives sustained by lies, people who earn their living daily by telling lies.
In God’s word, it is established that those who partake in falsehood can’t be unpunished and those who lives on lies shall perish.
The reality is that God is against falsehood and even nature and Karma has a way of catching up with those who think they can lie and get away with it.
Nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come aboard.
Every lie has an expiry date and every deceit shall one day be exposed. The consequence of this exposure is usually devastating and this could have been averted if one had enough courage to speak the truth. Speaking the truth maybe tough but then still make an attempt.
If you have been living a lie, it is time to change. You can’t continue like this, make amends, it might be painful but then you have an opportunity to experience freedom and you know that nothing would hold you back any longer.
Making heaven is important for christians and people who believe heaven exist but the bible says those who live a lie, speak a lie and practice falsehood are under the canopy of the devil. The implication of this is that the devil holds you back from having eternity with God in heaven through the platform of falsehood.
It is time to break off from the lies of the enemy, it is time to have a fresh start, it is time to live for God, it is time to live for a divine purpose, it is time to have a direction, it is time to have a life not built upon lies, it is time to be regenerated, it is time for a better you to manifest.
Quit the ways of the past, let honesty, sincerity and integrity be a part of your life.
God bless you.


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