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Give The Child A Future

May 27, 2014

As the world celebrates children’s day, I write to reach out to the conscience of those who engage in abusing children and also depriving children of a bright future to have a change of heart.
As the world celebrates children all over the world, we must remember those girls in the custody of Boko haram, we must remember they have a right to a bright future, and we must pray that their dreams are not cut short, we must pray that they are release unharmed.
Children are God’s gifts and they should be treated with care and love, never to be abused, never to be despised, never to be assaulted in any way.
A lot of children are suffering from inferiority complex because someone has told them they can never be something in life or probably someone has abused them in a way that has damaged their ego.
We must rebuild the confidence of our children, we must allow them dream and set the ball rolling for them to fulfill their dreams.
Don’t cut off a child’s dream, let him dream, let him achieve, let him fulfill purpose.
We say children are the leaders of tomorrow. But I ask you, would there really be a tomorrow for these children if we continue the way we have been living our lives and how we treat these children.
What would be left for our children in this nation tomorrow, when we have destroyed it all today!
For our children to have a better tomorrow, it starts from us doing the right things today!
Let Us Change Today! And give the children a better tomorrow!!!!


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