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The Mischievous Device The Enemy Can Not Perform Unless….

September 11, 2014

As a succeeding believer, in life there are a lot of vain imaginations against you. There are opinions against your existence, there are hidden and open battles against your prosperity.
There are plans to bring you down, break you, destroy you and ensure you are cast away from your place of prosperity.
The objective of the enemy as of old is to steal, kill and destroy. So the enemy always seeks for opportunity to achieve this in a believer’s life.
But this won’t happen unless you become careless. A careless Christian is meat for the Enemy. Carelessness tags along sin and every sin has a consequence.
When sin is in place, the enemy has a legal ground to carry out it intention in the life of such careless believer.
Don’t give the enemy a finger, he would grab the arm also. A careless person harbouring sin allows the enemy access to carry out his works easily.

Way out
Daily renew your mind, flee from every appearance of evil, don’t joke with son, don’t be overconfident instead take heed lest you fall.

The imagination of the wicked must not prosper over you.
Stop them before they stop you.
God bless you.

Additional Text
Ps21:11, Ps2:1-5, Lam3:37, Jer15:20, Ish59:19, 8:8-9, Prov11:21


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