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Pray, Watch and Give Thanks

July 18, 2015

We all desire new open doors from the Lord in this 2nd half of the year and God will truly open the doors of breakthrough unto us.
The word of God unto me is from Colossians 4:2 and it is to bring to our attention this morning on the need to pray, watch and also give thanks.
It is not enough for you to have desires in your heart about moving forward. You still have to consult God about it and remember it is God that gives (John 3:27)
So friends take your desires to the Lord in prayers with the right motives.
Then the next step is to be alert, to be watchful. God truly gives us daily benefits and I imply that God also brings opportunities our way but you should note that Satan also brings opportunities but Satan’s agenda is to drag you outside God’s will. So you must really watch and pray.
A watchman isn’t careless, as a man waiting for breakthrough, you don’t fold your hands and let good opportunities pass you by.
Even when God has given you a promise, continue to pray, work in line with the promise and be alert so that the enemy won’t rob you of your blessings.
Finally, you must learn to give thanks for what God has done, what He is doing and what He is going to do.
When you have an attitude of thanksgiving, heaven smiles on you and you get better deals than those who nag and murmur.
Today you have a choice to make.
Get yourself ready, the Lord is about to bring something good your way.
Don’t miss out.

Additional Text:
1Thessalonians 5:7, Ephesians 6:18, 1Peter 4:7, Matthew 26:41


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