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The Crying Blood Of Babies

Babies are wonderful creatures and they are gifts from the Lord. The history of their conception might be different but they all have one thing in common they are precious in the sight of the Lord. Jesus said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them”. This means give every baby a chance to grow up and meet the Lord, to have a relationship with the Lord.
However people bring babies into the world even when they never really planned to have them. For example a lady who had pre-marital sex and now she is pregnant. It is possible she might want to get rid of such pregnancy because she isn’t ready to be a baby mama.
Abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby. It involves removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo before viability.
Abortion could take place for the following reason:
– Personal circumstance
– A health risk to the mother
– A high probability that the baby will have a medical condition.
Abortion has some associated risk:
– Haemorrhage (excess bleeding) ; it occurs in 1 in every 1000 abortions.
– Damage to the Cervix ; it occurs in 10 in every 1000 abortions.
– Damage to the womb ; it occurs in 4 in every 1000 abortions.
However the mostly deadly consequence of abortion is the spiritual implication.
For those who lose their babies due to health risk, God has a way of dealing with them, He heals them of the pain and gives them comfort and helps them to move on.
However for those who engage in pre marital sex and think abortion is the way out to cover their sin, there is real trouble.
A lady went for a simple D&C (Dilation and Curettage) Procedure to terminate a pregnancy up. Unfortunately for her another woman came to the same hospital to have a womb removal due to cervical cancer she was suffering. Somehow there was a mix up in operating room. Obviously this wasn’t a natural mistake. The lady who came for D& C got her womb removed and the lady who came for womb removal got D& C. What a crazy mistake up.
The bible talks about the blood that cries for vengeance, every child aborted has a divine destiny and when such child is aborted, his destiny is aborted also. Then his blood speaks against those who have cut short his destiny.
If you have been in the business of pre-marital sex and abortion is now a routine, the blood of the babies are speaking against you. God hears their cry just like He heard the cry of Abel.
When the blood of innocent babies are crying against you, it makes you go into errors and suffer from errors (like the lady who had her womb removed instead of having a simple D& C), it blocks your prosperity, it blocks your advancement in life, it leaves you with a confused life and ultimately a wasted life.
Now the way out of this, is to genuinely repent, come back to God, acknowledge your mistakes and vow not to go back to such. It is possible that the deeds of the past has left you with scars but there is grace for healing this day. The blood of Jesus cries out with a message of forgiveness and reconciliation, therefore come to Jesus and you would experience forgiveness and you would be reconciled back to the father.
God doesn’t take any delight in seeing you suffer, in fact He loves you and wants you to retrace your steps. Get in agreement with Jesus today and get healed of your past.


A Life Built On Falsehood

It is common to find a lot of people in the world today living on falsehood. Some even have fake lives in the sense that they think survival is achievable only by being a fake.
A lot of people have lost their true identity and they can’t tell really tell who they are, some live their lives based on who people tell them they are, and they have never really taken their time to discover who truly they are and what purpose were they made for.
Anyway in this piece, I want to focus on lives built on falsehood, lives sustained by lies, people who earn their living daily by telling lies.
In God’s word, it is established that those who partake in falsehood can’t be unpunished and those who lives on lies shall perish.
The reality is that God is against falsehood and even nature and Karma has a way of catching up with those who think they can lie and get away with it.
Nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come aboard.
Every lie has an expiry date and every deceit shall one day be exposed. The consequence of this exposure is usually devastating and this could have been averted if one had enough courage to speak the truth. Speaking the truth maybe tough but then still make an attempt.
If you have been living a lie, it is time to change. You can’t continue like this, make amends, it might be painful but then you have an opportunity to experience freedom and you know that nothing would hold you back any longer.
Making heaven is important for christians and people who believe heaven exist but the bible says those who live a lie, speak a lie and practice falsehood are under the canopy of the devil. The implication of this is that the devil holds you back from having eternity with God in heaven through the platform of falsehood.
It is time to break off from the lies of the enemy, it is time to have a fresh start, it is time to live for God, it is time to live for a divine purpose, it is time to have a direction, it is time to have a life not built upon lies, it is time to be regenerated, it is time for a better you to manifest.
Quit the ways of the past, let honesty, sincerity and integrity be a part of your life.
God bless you.

A Fresh Start With The God Of New Beginning

I find it unbelievable that people consider themselves to be finished by one error or the other they have made in their lives. It is possible it could be a wrong decision in choice of career, partner, location or maybe wrong association that led to other problems and vices. But the good news is that God hasn’t given up on you yet.
There is something called “mercy” and it is really mysterious and when you experience God’s mercy, it makes your life mysterious even before your adversaries. God’s mercy can restore your life and even make you look better and it would probably be like you never made a mistake. God will reposition you to overcome the mistakes of the past when you come unto him genuinely with a repentant heart.
Then you would see God creating new things in your life and the things of the past shall not be remembered nor come into the mind.
God promises in his word that what he has prepared for you is beyond human comprehension, your testimony when you experience God’s mercy and fresh start is beyond human imagination and it breaks every barrier and limitation.
One secret is that God can never forsake you, you have been graven upon his palms, God knows you by name and he won’t give up on you.
He desires to make all things new again, he desires to start fresh things in your life, God wants to make a way for you in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. He is going to shower his love upon you like never before because you are his child and he truly loves you.
Get back in agreement with God and experience a fresh start, experience the God of new beginnings, and you shall see that the glory of the latter shall be greater than the former.
God is interested in blessing you this day. Come unto the Lord…………..

Additional Text:
Zech10:6, Ish65:17, Ish64:4, Ish49:15-16, Ish43:19,25, Hag2:9

Burden To Save

The world is passing away with all its desires, but the person who does the will of God remains forever.
A little girl I was with recently understood this above statement and she already knows even at her tender age(she is like 12-13) that this life is full of vanity and that eternity lies in doing God’s will and not being God’s enemy.
In the course of our discussion because I was teaching the topic Rebellion to some little kids and how rebellion makes you God’s enemy, she clearly identified that her family had been living in rebellion to God and though she has been praying for the family. She still had some unanswered questions like Can her prayer change her family totally? Can her sibling experience liberation from the evil habits of their home?
She has a burden to see her family transformed, she wants them to experience Jesus like she has and this really challenged me as a person.
How much burden do I have to see my friends turn to Christ?
As a Christian, we are saved to help others get saved.
Live your life as a living testimony of God’s transforming power, this is the first thing that can attract people to the Jesus whom you profess.
Also never cease to reach out to people in every possible way, tell someone about the Jesus you have met.
Finally don’t forget to keep praying for them, so they can be liberated from the chains of sin and the devil.
God bless you.

Last Revival

It is important for me to share this with you because this message changed my mindset.
There is going to be a last revival service all over the world but the date isn’t confirmed yet. It is a revival service I wouldn’t like to attend and I hope you will not attend also.
You might be wondering what kind of revival service is that?
It is a church service after the rapture must have taken place and Lord would have appeared and taken the saints with him. The ones left behind will realise that truly the gospel was true and they are left behind, then will men troop to churches looking for help, seeking pastors to help them. Unfortunately services will still hold because some pastors, teachers, ushers will be left behind also.
You don’t want to be part of this, I personally wants to be raptured and not be a part of any service after the rapture.
It is therefore expedient that we once again examine our lives and make every wrong right and repent from our mistakes. It is time to go back to the Lord and live in consciousness of the reality of heaven and this world coming to an end.
There are two trumpets that can sound – the trumpet of the rapture and one’s personal trumpet.
Learn to live everyday right and always be prepared to go with the Lord if he comes.
Live positively, Live with heaven in mind.

Trusting God For The Extreme

This morning while doing my devotion I read the story of Elisha and how he predicted that an unusual turn around in the economy of a nation.
The prediction didn’t make sense in the eyes of mere men and even the king’s right hand man doubted the possibility of such and never lived to be part of this great testimony.
As I read through 2kings7:1-20, I came across the story of the lepers who took a dangerous step of faith that actually transformed everyone’s life in the city. You know they dared to go to the enemies’ camp but really it was God using them to prepare the ground for the manifestation of the prophecy given by the prophet Elisha.
God’s spirit is leading me to tell you that your lifting isn’t based on human calculation, it is not about the stock market report, it is about the nation’s economy. It is about how the Lord who is mysterious can and will turn around situation to favour you and uplift you.
In reality, you probably can’t figure out how God is going to do it.
But I speak faith unto you, dare to be like Abraham! Scriptures say in Romans4:20 “He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to God”.
I dare you to believe God for extreme miracles. I know you have situations confronting you, you have the devil speaking impossibility to your head but take the bold step and believe God and you would see how he would bless you beyond comprehension.
Quit worrying, don’t try to figure out how God is going to do it, just believe in him and his word and you would see the manifestation..

A Call To Humility

A paraphrase of 1Cor4:7 ” If then you received a gift free from God, why do you boast as if you didn’t receive it free.
I got this word this morning and it made me to have a rethink of how I see myself and how I relate even with others. Pride is a thing that can come into one’s life and overtake one and it manifestation would be gradual and eventually destructive.
The Lord gives us daily blessings but we also have to acknowledge him as the source of our gifts and success. Truly hard work pays but grace is what makes the difference. That’s why we should always think of the amazing grace we have received to get to where we are today. This should humble us even in our thinking.
Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.
Humility is the solid foundation of virtue.
There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self.
The first test of a truly great man is in his humility.

Legitimate Humility comprises the following behaviors and attitudes:
•Submitting to God and legitimate authority.
•Recognizing virtues and talents that others possess, particularly those that surpass one’s own, and giving due honor and, when required, obedience
•Recognizing the limits of one’s talents, ability, or authority; and, not reaching for what is beyond one’s grasp.

The vices opposed to humility are:
•Pride (by reason or defect).
•Too great obsequiousness or abjection of oneself; this would be considered an excess of humility, and could easily be derogatory to one’s office or holy character; or it might serve only to pamper pride in others, by unworthy flattery, which would occasion their sins of tyranny, arbitrariness, and arrogance.
The virtue of humility may not be practiced in any external way that would occasion vices in others.